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Are you good in sports? Then you can earn easily along with Betting-sports-tips! You can read with Us paid and free betting tips for sports.Furthermore, you can have a chance to write some analytical materials and earn money for it.

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What is the League of tips for sports?

Our website –  a unique community for those who live with sports and wants to earn on it. Here you can read our professional tips for different types of sports.Based on the acquired information, you will be able to place profitable bets on sports.

We are not a bookmaker office that wants to profit on your incorrect decisions. Betting-sports-tips is a community where cappers with huge years of experience considerin detail one or another match in soccer, basketball, hockey, tennis, baseball and other popular sports. You receive exact forecasts from professionals, analyze them, place the bets and earn an additional income monthly. There are no restrictions onbetting online. It will help to earn both 20 EURO a month, and sometimes 200 EURO and more.

How to earn on betting with Betting-sports-tips?

It is possible to earn by two methods with a help of league of tips. If you are a beginner and has just joinedthe culture of sport betting, register on the website and read betting tips for sports from capper with detailed analysis of a game. So, your bets will become more deliberated as our experts earn and help to earn by another by means of detailed analytical data.

One more option – most to add forecasts for matches and to share them with other users of the website. Of course, it suits only those who perfectly understand sport, is able to carry out the deep analysis and to accurately analyze a game. In such a way, you will be able to bet on your own, and to get some income from subscriptions to our betting tips. It will allow to increase earnings several times and other members of Betting-sports-tips.

How reliable betting tips on the website Betting-sports-tips?

Our website features tips only from professionals who confirm their skills and constantly fight for the first top positions. The analyst has to proveitsproficiency therefore creates the tips for a match without “water”, with accurate structure and reasonable data. Besides, we provided the most detailed information about all bets and cappers’ tips where players can get acquainted with statistics of the expert (in 1, 3 or 6 months).

There is a tough competition of betting tips on the League of tips. At first the registered analysts provide materials free of charge to confirm their qualification. Then our algorithm automatically checks forecasts for sports, analyzing their efficiency in a percentage ratio. Later on, the expert can share with the tips free of charge or for some fee. For this purpose, it is enough to get a subscription for betting tips from the capper who you consider the most authoritative and you like the most.

What types of sports are described in betting tips?

You are sure to find sports betting tips from the tipster in several most demanded types of sports. Here is the list of sports used by cappers on the website:







It is enough to choose tips for sports from the analyst of suitable category, to check one or more forecasts and place a relevant bet. With you can earn more and help to earn the others!

Are you fond of sports? Do you want your hobby start bringing some income?

Then you can try to earn by sports betting. And 10 simple rules for the beginners can help you.

  1. You are to distinguish from the very beginning how do you plan to treat betting by itself. If your main target has nothing to do with the winnings, then you shouldn’t even start reading the article. But if betting is your tool for making money, then it is necessary to treat it as yourregular job.

It is necessary to:

– elaborateyour ownor use already existing game strategies (passive – a bet on the most probable event, aggressive – a bet on a disputable match);

– identify the game bank (what amount you are ready to spend for betting, how many bets would you like to make,the size of bets you plan to stick to,so you will not lose everything at the beginning);

– be familiar with sport events of types of sport you decided to bet on.

  1. Exclude the word “sure thing” from a lexicon. How it is possible to be sure for 100% of rates in such unpredictable field as sports? Besides thetips, most likely, rely only on odds. You would hardly enjoy that type of risk that doesn’t fit into general strategy of making profit on your gameplay. Such bet, of course, gives a slight chance to win, but the bet on the favorite usually has lower odds (1,1-1,4), and it is hard to increase the revenue.
  1. It is necessary to make it a rule to play only at well-known bookmakers, as the larger the company, the stronger their values and reputation. Therefore, at first you are to learn as much as possible about the date of foundation, get some feedbacks, and only afterward you are ready to start betting. Here is the list of the largest bookmakers: Pinnacle sports, Bet365, Bwin, Betfair, William Hill, Unibet, Sportingbet, Planet of bets, Parimatch, 10Bet.

When you see high odds from small bookies, born in mind ”free advice is seldom cheap”. Are there any guarantees that they won’t disappear with your money tomorrow?

  1. It is advisable not to bet on favorites as odds are relatively low. Moreover, they can draw sometimes and even lose, there are many such examples. But what is the most ridiculous, such bets are most popular among gamblers. If suddenly after allyou decided to be on it, don’t bet a large amount on win of a favorite.

Thus, you can lose rather big amount.It is necessary not to go negative and win back the lost money, you have to be and win several times in a row. If it didn’t happen, you should try to be on total (a bet on a total quantity of the scored goals), handicap (a difference in the scored goals) or  exact score.

  1. Don’t place multi bets. These are bets that include several outcomes where odds are multiplied among themselves. But the bet doesn’t win even if one event didn’t play. Consequently, the bigger the final odds, the more events are drawn and the risk of loss is higher.

But if afterwards you decided to choose multi, then try to finda bet with no more than 2-3 events and odds under 2.00. It will be tough to find such variants. You should have enough experience and knowledge. Our recommendation for beginners – better go with single bets.

  1. Everyone has the times when good luck is with you and all your bets are won. It is necessary to continue to playing while you are lucky. However, after two-three lost bets – you are to stop betting in order to save your bank. It is quite hard to do so, as you lose consciousness at that time, and you are driven mostly with emotions. “Now I am going to be on a roll again, now I will win and return everything that lost”. This is the beginning of big loss as you start to increase bets with hope to get your won back, and again and again you lose. Later on, all your bank goes down, and you are left with nothing.
  2. You should always to stick to the chosen strategy, preliminary calculated with a certain share of probability. You have already chosen for yourself the amount of each bet (about 1-3% of your bank total, so a loss won’t strongly affect your budget), quantity of various bets in a week, how many single and multi-bets to increase the income. If you begin to derogate from the chosen strategy, then it should become a way to bankruptcy. And you should make it your own rule: not to raise your fixed rate more than on several points. It will help you to keep you balance positive longer.
  1. You shouldn’t place bets based on your personal allegiance to some teams or players. They shouldn’t have something to do with your future profit in any way. If you bet on your favorite team, but they are facing not the best times, someone is injured; the coach decided to keep someone and left on the bench, someone just not in shape. It can easily cause the loss of all bank. But if you bet on the rival and win, then next time you will be able to go for a game on the stadium of your favorite and shout for them in real. Thus, you can prove your commitment to the team.
  2. As well as with any job, with placing bets, you are to be aware of sport events. It is impossible just to come and bet on “the first encounter”. You have to carry out a primary research, read some reviews, betting tips and predictions. Internet can be the most helpful; you can find there besides articles all possible matches of teams or some players’ overviews to see their actual form. You are to spend a little of your free time for the analysis of a situation in any type of sports, and then only place a bet. It will help to avoid odd expenses.
  3. The most important – you should never forget that life without betting exists. Don’t replace your family, children, parents, friends with betting. These people will always support you. Even if you failed, they would be always near and help to overcome all difficulties.

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